Racked, floor, and climate control storage.

Houston: 3 buildings totaling 418,000Square Feet

  • Racked Storage: 96,000 squarefeet (5,117 pallet positions)
  • Floor Storage: 151,000 SquareFeet across 2 facilities
  •  Climate Control Storage: 29,000Square Feet at 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit

Building Details:

  • 5 miles from IAH and 22 milesfrom the Port of Houston
  • Gated and fenced secure lots
  • Cross-dock configurations


  • Receiving: Truck or container(palletized or floor loaded) for storage, transload, or cross-dock
  • Inventory management andcontrol via 3PL WMS
  • Order fulfillment anddistribution: Pallet, crate, parcel

At Majewski we ensure consistent and effective warehouse management systems through performance improvement, stock administration, inventory control, and demand planning.

Our portfolio varies across all sectors including Oil & Gas, HVAC,Food/Beverage, Paper and Plastic, Healthcare + Medical Supply, Construction,Textile, Ecommerce, and many more.

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