welcome to majewski transportation

30 years of seamless supply chain solutions

Houston Warehousing, Transportation and Brokerage Services

welcome to majewski transportation

Houston’s #1 carrier for LTL Freight

Specializing in less than truckload shipments of 1-14 pallets

welcome to majewski transportation

Houston’s #1 carrier for LTL Freight

Specializing in less than truckload shipments of 1-14 pallets

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your capacity and service area for transportation?

From our terminal in Houston,TX we transport to all 48 continental U.S. states. In our coverage area we offer the following services: LTL, FTL, Intermodal, and have a wide array of partner carriers nationwide to assist with anything out of this scope. We also have strategic locations for Warehousing and Distribution throughout the country inTexas, Tennessee, California, and Nevada for multi-state distribution.

How do I request a freight or warehousing quote?

Send a request via email or request by phone from one of our helpful Customer Service Reps or Sales team members. By email send to: sales@majewskitransportation.com; by phone (281)260-8880 EXT. 1125

How do I check transit or delivery status of my Shipment?

You can type in your BOL or reference number at the top of our website under the “Shipping” tab. You can also get set up to receive email updates during transit and receive POD documents by emailing tracing@majewskitransportation.com

How do I check my inventory at your locations?

You can login to our WMS customer portal for Inventory Review and view your reports. You can download reports in Excel or CSV format. For assistance you can also email Distribution@Majewskitransportation.com

What Technology and systems do you use?

We use state-of-the art Transportation Management Systems and Warehouse Management Systems to manage logistics, transportation, fulfillment and inventory. We have full EDI capability, and integrate with most ERPs, Shopping Carts, and Ecommerce platforms. You can view all of your critical information through our robust Web Portal 24/7.


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The crucial role we play in the global supply chain, delivering critical relief, makes Majewski Transportation an essential business. Join our team and make a difference today. Here are just a few of the open positions we have available.

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